Saturday, 15 February 2014

Spending Ban Update || Two Weeks

If you follow me on Twitter (which you really should), you'll have seen a couple posts about my current Spending Ban that is taking place. With Christmas, Boxing Day and amazing January sales, I found myself with a lot of new stuff and not a lot of money. I knew I had to stop my spending for a period of time so I could pay off some credit cards, save some money for tuition and prepare myself for a few trips in the coming months.

I decided that the spending ban would begin on February 1st and go until March 18th - the day I arrive in Atlanta for a conference.

My spending ban consists of no purchases of: makeup, skincare, haircare, clothing, unnecessary items, eating out because of laziness, extravagant social activities. Of course if I run out of a product that I have no backups for then I can purchase a new one. Also, if I require something for work/my upcoming trips then that's fine too - but I really have to think if I really can't get by without it. Social activities are allowed but try to keep all costs down. Any monthly subscriptions already in place are allowed as you can't put a hold on your account and I don't want to lose my place.

I'm two weeks down and I can say that I'm doing pretty good. The only thing I've spent money on (other than groceries) is some flowers for my house. I was getting very sick of the dreary winter and knew the flowers would perk me up when I'm at home (which is a lot). I have been fortunate to receive some great new products from Garnier and NYC the past two weeks - so the feeling of needing to shop just isn't there. Plus I've been trying to use products in my collection that have been forgotten and took a foundation back to Sephora that I didn't like - so I've actually made money so far! I think the hardest thing was to not go see Justin Timberlake in concert - I love him but knew I didn't have the money to go.

Some of the tips I have for you to help with your spending ban are:
  • Buy a few new items (not overly expensive) just before the ban. Seems counterintuitive but if you save these items for times during the ban when you feel like you are going to cave, they help in the long run.
  • Try and use up products/samples that are almost done. That way you are forced to try that mascara/serum hiding in a drawer for the rest of the ban.
  • Don't go into stores that will tempt you - just don't.
  • Use any loyalty rewards you may have during the ban. I have a lot of SCENE points - so going to the movies is always a free outing for me.
  • Do that thing you've been meaning to do but just never had the time - like watching a new TV show/movie/cleaning out your closet.
  • Take advantage of free samples with beauty brands - free new products you can try out.
  • Do a swap with your friends - clothing, accessories, beauty products. More "new" products for you to try out.
I'll be updating you all on my spending ban progress every 2 weeks until I go to Atlanta. Also watch out for my wishlist for my Atlanta trip which will include trips to Ulta, Nordstrom, J. Crew and some other awesome places!

Are you on a spending ban? Let me know your tips of how you are getting through it!

til next time...

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  1. Well done on your success so far - I think you are awesome for sticking to it! The first two weeks could well be the hardest as you have to break your usual spending habits...

    I've certainly been spending less on beauty products recently too, which is fab. So hopefully, if I continue to massively cut down my spending, I can avoid having to go on a total ban!

    Thanks for including the tips as well, there's some really good ideas there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your future updates already! And good luck (not that I think you're going to need it!) :-) xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. Thanks so much! So happy to hear that you are looking forward to my future posts about it! I think blogging about this spending ban will help me be successful- don't want to let myself/anyone reading these posts down.

      I hope your cutting back keeps working because spending bans aren't all that fun - especially when brands keep bringing out new products.

      Another benefit of this ban is that I'm going to have some major empties posts in the near future :)

  2. I think I would benefit from a spending ban! Thanks for sharing yours

    1. no problem :) Hope I can inspire some people to save a bit of money and get through their spending ban too!