Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thoughts Tuesday || Tanya Burr Lipglosses

Tanya Burr Lipgloss

If you are reading this, you most likely have at least heard of the name Tanya Burr, if not watch her YouTube videos the moment they are posted. One of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus - a makeup artist from the UK that can brighten your day within seconds of seeing her on your computer screen. She is also the latest beauty guru to launch her own line of beauty products - lipglosses and nail polishes for now.

Just before my spending ban started, her Lips and Nails line was released and I made sure to pick up a couple.

The line is comprised of 12 lipglosses and 10 nail polishes - all gorgeous shades with cute names. The lipglosses retail for $12.23 USD (£6.99) while the nail polishes retail for $10.48 USD (£5.99). Unfortunately the nail polishes cannot be sent overseas so I only picked up 2 lipglosses, Picnic in the Park and Aurora.

Picnic in the Park is bright bubblegum-y pink with no shimmer. Aurora is a shimmery mauve-pink colour. Both smell amazing - like strawberries and cream/candy. Great pigmentation and shine on the lips for both and wear for a couple of hours before needing to touch up. Now I don't know if it's me and my Canadian winter chapped lips but I find that Aurora has a little bit of a gritty texture - maybe because of the shimmer? It's nothing uncomfortable, just something I noticed. These glosses are not sticky for those of you who hate sticky glosses (I personally don't mind them).

The packaging is great - nice and simple. I'm not a huge fan of the applicator as I find it doesn't pick up enough product for me - definitely not a one swipe application.

I'm very happy with the shades I picked up but have my eyes on Exotic Island, Let's Travel the World and First Date. If I could have picked up the nail polishes I would have chosen Peaches and Cream, Mischief Managed (kind of for the name) and Midnight Sparkles.

To check out the entire line, go to Feel Unique. Let me know what shades you picked up and your thoughts about the nail polishes in the comments :)

Tanya Burr Aurora swatch

Tanya Burr lipgloss

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  1. I know I was definitely eyeing Picnic in the Park when the line launched. Gah--so pretty! So glad to know it doesn't smell like the stereotypical vanilla of some lip products. Was shipping free or was it an outrageous amount?

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. Shipping was free!!! I wouldn't have purchased them if shipping was crazy.

  2. I don't normally wear glosses because I feel like my lips are too big for them :p so I hope she brings out a lipstick line! I notice that the cover girl smoochies glosses have the same texture, it tickles my lips >.<

    1. oh I would be all over lipsticks if she brings them out! Thanks for the heads up on the CG ones - may stay clear of them. I think I only need one gloss with a gritty texture haha