Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Chanel Nail Polish || Tutti Frutti

I recently purchased a new Chanel nail polish (as I didn't buy one while I was in Vancouver last month) and wanted to share it's beauty with you!

Tutti Frutti (#621) is part of the Summer 2014 Collection Reflets d'Été de Chanel which also features another new edition to my collection, Sweet Lilac.

Tutti Frutti is a stunning, bright coral shade with a hint of golden shimmer throughout. The shimmer however doesn't show up once applied to the nail but you are left with a creamy coral colour.

The formula is exactly why I love Chanel polishes - super pigmented, not too thick or thin and self-levels like a dream. You really only need 2 thin coats to reach opacity. With Seche Vite on it lasts for 4 days easily (and I typically suffer from major tip wear after a day or two).

I love this nail polish so much that I removed it and reapplied it immediately afterwards. For a nail polish junkie, that is definitely saying something!

Now these polishes don't come cheap (about $31 after tax) but as long as you really close it tight, it will last for years (I have had Blue Satin for 7 years now and I really can't tell a difference in the formula).

I'm going to continue sharing my Chanel polishes with you all so I can help distinguish which ones are worth the price and which ones to steer clear of.

til next time...


  1. 7 years and the nail polish didn't go bad!? *runs to Holt Renfrew*

    1. Just gotta make sure the cap is sealed nice and tight! Most of my nail polishes last for years, not just Chanel ones.