Tuesday, 5 August 2014

NOTD || OVO Fest Edition

Drake Nail Art
I previously posted my OVOFest outfit ideas and hinted that a nail design would be on the way as well...here it is! 

I was inspired by Drake's three albums - Thank Me Later (striped index finger), Take Care (black and gold ombré ring finger) and Nothing Was The Same (clouds pinkie finger). I added the word "WORST" in reference to one of my favourite Drake songs right now - Worst Behaviour.

Drake Nail Art

Drake Nail Art

Drake Nail Art

On my other hand, I went with basic black and white abstract designs with the number 6 on my middle finger - in reference to Toronto's new nickname coined by Drake.

Drake Nail Art
I had an AMAZING time at the concert and posted a ton of pictures and videos on my Instagram account. But here is probably my most favourite picture I took.

OVO Fest 2014
While some people are saying this was the worst OVOFest to date, I have to disagree. This was by far the most thought out one, with Drake taking us on a journey through his life and music chronologically. Special guests included Lauryn Hill (OMG!), Trey Songz, J Cole, USHER and 50 Cent! People have come to expect huge stars to come out and are mad if they don't. Drake puts on this show yearly to give back to Toronto and show the city how much Toronto means to him - not to bring out the biggest star every 5 minutes. Sorry to have ranted a little bit but it's been weighing on my mind and heart today.

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  1. Damn that is a stellar line up! I think Drake is big enough now he doesn't need to drag 13 big celebs onto the stage and act as a host. People should go to OVO for Drake. I wish I had made it to the show.

    1. I'm in the same boat. I go for Drake and am pleased with whoever he gets to show up.